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Measurement & Analysis

Acoustical measurements ans analysis
Acoustical measurements are taken with the aid of advanced equipment, such as the EASERA software. Gathered and analysed data are interpreted and introduced as a complete report. This report allows guiding conception on solid bases.

  • FSTC, NIC : transmission loss (sound insulation)
  • RT60 : reverberation time
  • RTA : spectrum analysis (dual channel FFT)
  • STI, RASTI and %Alcons: intelligibility
  • Noise surveys, NC, PNC measurements
  • C50: definition
  • C80: clarity
 Isolation des bruits aériens et des bruits d’impacts dans les bâtiments Montréal

The EASE acoustical modeling software allows us to conceive rooms with much precision and realism. We can also make the sound system concept.