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Noise pollution control

Based in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE also works on the control of noise pollution.

Its potential market includes all Montreal, and the surroundings of the North Shore and South shore regions.

A professional acoustical control

Contrôle de la pollution par le bruit Montréal

Noise pollution control, a job combining both organisation and resourcefulness

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE is specialised in the control of noise pollution. Noise pollution can lead to several physical and psychological problems, such as hearing loss, stress and fatigue.

Our acoustic consultant controls the frequency of the noise emitted by your appliances by using a state-of-the-art machine, that is a sound level meter.

He is thorough and independent, he leaves no detail unattended and guarantees you a result up to your standards.

An expert in acoustical management at your entire disposal

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE has extensive experience in the field of noise pollution control. You can also contact our company for airborne noise and impact noise insulation.

Our expert works with architects and engineers and intervenes on different types of buildings such as libraries, hospitals, classrooms, conference rooms, theatres and so forth.

An expert in acoustics, a complete control

Our strengths:

  • Excellent knowledge of computer hardware
  • Good knowledge of the variations of sound spectra
  • Adaptability

Just contact him to learn more or ask for a quote.