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Residential, commercial and industrial soundproofing solutions

Located in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE provides you with different soundproofing solutions in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

The company was founded in 1992.

Choose a properly soundproofed building or room

A specialist in acoustics at your entire disposal

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE offers different soundproofing solutions to the residents of Montreal (North Shore and South Shore area). Since the sound spreads through the air or vibrations, M. Michel Leduc provides you with solutions for reducing the noise emitted by your ventilation and conditioning appliances. He takes into consideration several elements such as your wall pattern and the form of the ceiling. Always sensitive to your needs, our expert works with other specialists such as architects and engineers.

Benefit from the last advances in technology in the field of soundproofing

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE offers you solutions to insulate your residential, commercial or institutional buildings. To do so, our sound engineer diagnoses the condition of your building. He can design partitions and floors for any kind of building. He also identifies the nature of the noise pollution and offers you a customised strategy. At your request, he can also work on the noise pollution control of your building.

A fully insulated environment

The steps of the insulation process:

  • Analysis of the building’s structure
  • Evaluation of the soundproofing strategy
  • Start of work
  • Follow-up

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