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Reverberation control solutions

Located in Saint-Jérôme, SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE provides you with customised solutions for the control of the reverberation in your house or apartment.

The company is at the entire disposal of the residents of Montreal (North and South Shore).

Our specialist will optimise the acoustical environment of your house.

Solutions contrôle de la réverbération Rive-Sud

A thorough control of the reverberation in your building

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE offers you solutions in the control of sound reverberation. Before starting with the work, our acoustic consultant will start detecting any reverberation problems.

Starting from the technical information collected, our expert will then design a corrective plan in order to eliminate the echo caused by your building’s configuration. He also closely collaborates with both engineers and architects, offering advice on the material to use in order to limit excessive reverberation.

Just trust our sound engineer, a specialist in reverberation control

SONAR CONSULTANTS EN ACOUSTIQUE provides you with solutions to control the reverberation in your building. From a technical point of view, reverberation is all the acoustic reflections that are produced after ceasing the emission of sound. Our sound engineer is at your entire service in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sector.

Our professional will correct any problems related to sound reverberation

His strengths:

  • Autonomy
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  • Determination

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